Blender script: How to change the object data name to the object name

If you rename an object in blender, you likely didn’t change the name of the object data. There is a difference in the name of the object itself, and the name of the object data. When you rename one, the other isn’t automatically renamed.

When you export your object to a .obj and the object has different names, it will put these names together during export. For instance, your object is named Floor, and the object data name is Plane. When the object is exported, the mesh will have the name FloorPlane. If both names are equal, it will not duplicate the names. For example; the object name and data name are both Floor, the exported name will be Floor

Since I don’t want to manually go over every object, I use this very small script that will change all the names to match the object name:

import bpy

for obj in #1 = #2

This will loop over all the objects (1) in the scene and rename the data name to the object name (2).