Photoshop script: resize and save file

For my own personal project, I have been working quite a lot with photoshop. To keep the repetitive tasks to a minimum, I tried to script most of them. One of these is resizing and then saving/overwriting the image as a png to some location. Here is one way to do that:

function savePNG(saveFile) {  
    var saveOptions = new PNGSaveOptions();  
    saveOptions.compression = 9;  // (level of compression 0 .. 9       0 - without compression)
    saveOptions.interlaced = false;
    app.activeDocument.saveAs(File(saveFile), saveOptions, true, Extension.LOWERCASE);  

var savedState = app.activeDocument.activeHistoryState; //1
app.activeDocument.resizeImage(UnitValue(2000,"px"),null,null,ResampleMethod.AUTOMATIC); //2
savePNG("C:/image.png"); //3
app.activeDocument.activeHistoryState = savedState; //4

Before manipulating the image in any way, make sure to store the current history state of the image (1). This way, you can always go back in history to that point. Then, resize the image to 2000 pixels in width (2). Using this method, the aspect ratio will be used for calculating height. After that, the image will be saved to C:/image.png (3). This line will call the savePNG function above, saving it as a png with the compression and interlaced options added. To end the script, set the image history (saved in (1)) to restore the image back to its original size(4).